PD Interactive generative tool kit

This interactive audio-visual installation has been realised using following software:

PureData ,http://www.crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.htm
Pure Data Packet http://zwizwa.fartit.com/pd/pdp/
pdp_opengl http://zwizwa.fartit.com/pd/pdp/
PiDiP http://ydegoyon.free.fr/pidip.html
pmpd http://drpichon.free.fr/pmpd/

All above programs are free and open source software.

Real time input is provided by a video camera fed via video capture card
Picture below shows the relevant part of the pd patch with [pdp_v4l] capture object.

Video signal is then pass to the [mgrid] object for motion detecton.

Motion coordinates are proccessed to trigger separete sound generator for each video cell.

Below is patch for sound generator:

Selected outputs are then used to modify the video by converting audio into numbers using [snapshot~] object

3D animation is then generated using 3dp_opengl library

parralel to 3D animation video input is being processed using pidip objects:

finaly the motion data is fed into pmpd (Physical Modelling for PD) and the fed bak to a 3D generating patch


Complete patch can be downloaded from here:


screensots of the video output can be found here: