New MARCEL Members, 2/8/09

The following members, with their location, coordinator and description have just joined MARCEL:

VideoArtWorld, Madrid, Spain (Alexis Callado, Chief Editor)
VideoArtWorld aims at promoting art in the form of video, allowing it to gain the importance and respect that photography, prints, and paintings have commonly held within the art world. It provides help to the upcoming wave of collectors interested in this strong means of expression, inside a clear, solid and extremely attractive market. VideoArtWorld will also be promoting other MARCEL activities in Spain., Berlin, Germany (Elizabeth Markevitch, Founder) brings art to television. In contrast with most of the existing television channels offering a cultural programming, treats the medium of television as an alternative exhibiting platform occupying a territory between exhibition and catalogue. One places an artwork face to face with the viewer; the other allows the reader to learn more in the comfort of their personal surroundings. brings as close a reproduction as possible into those surroundings, notifies, encourages interest, and ignites interaction with museums & galleries.

Association Aristote, Paris, France (Philippe d'Anfray, technical and scientific coordinator)
Aristote is a French based learned society in the field of information science and network technology.  It brings together institutions and companies involved in the newest developments and uses of information technology.  The organization is especially interested in improving the quality of multicasting and the Access Grid platform and has created a working group explicitly for that purpose.


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